Summer '19

As the summer silly season draws to a close, once again the industry, proved herself to be an amazing and wonderful labour of love

Aviation is an industry unlike any other, an industry where opportunities are vast, where you're dealing at the highest level with some seriously impressive people, where there is a pressure to perform every day that should only come from your own self pride in your work.

There are challenges to overcome, but the sense of elation and laudation that one receives when adversity has been beaten is second to none if you truly have a passion for your work... after 25 years in the industry, I still have that passion, I must have booked 10,000 aircraft, but I still get excited booking an aircraft, the thrill of the completion of a job well done and the defiance to ourselves to push the envelope on service - it is these times and emotions that can see you through the stressful times, of which there are many... but it's worth it.

This summer has seen the first year of our American office being opened and has been a roaring success thanks to the efforts of Julius in Los Angeles and a number of other significant wins from some truly remarkable people and clients. We have had by far the most successful year on record and have already acheived the turnover/profits for last year - with four months still to run.

With the US market bouyant, the increase in transatlantic traffic noticable plus the significant influx of Chinese and Indian business this summer, it has been incredible; and depsite the best efforts of the Italian airports to rock the bouyancy of the market with what seems like an ever decreasing number of available slots year on year, the efforts and contacts of the team here at Volanteus has made even these most difficult of challenges not insurmountable.

Those busy Italian airports of Naples, Salerno, Venice stiking fear in to the heart of a broker, coupled with Ibiza, Mykonos and Zakinthos, we performed nearly that 50 flights this summer which invovled these airports and while we, like everyone else, did not always get exactly the slots we needed to the very minute, we found that on the whole, we were able to acheive a 95% on-time dispatch rate at the desired time from those airports... mainly thanks to the tenacious attitude of the team and ops, continually pushing the right amount at the right time to give the client exactly what the need at the time they need it.

June, July and August have been our busiest three months on record since the company began, it is no small part thanks to a combination of doing a good job, having a great team who cares and being recognised as a "brand" as the place to go for service.

October will undoubtedly be a little quieter, a chance to forms at the ready !


Astral Towers, Betts Way, Crawley, RH10 9XA

General enquiries: +44 (0) 203 876 8000

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