Volanteus And The Wright Brothers.

"At Last We Can Fly" was written by journalist Herbert N. Casson in 1907 for American Magazine. It gave facts first about the Wright Brothers and arrival of the aeroplane.

En route to Chicago Herbert met distinguished engineer Octave Chanute, (a Franco-American aviation pioneer) who said he'd seen the brothers flying in South Carolina. They were living in Dayton, Ohio.

Casson raced to Dayton. With difficulty, he found Wilbur and Orville working out of a wooden workshop repairing bicycles. They were shy mechanics with no interest in fame or fortune. They'd made the first plane to amuse themselves on a holiday. They didn't like publicity but with tact and persistence, the story of their invention was secured. Herbert knew it wouldn't be believed, so it had to be corroborated.

Their father had bought them a flying machine. It fascinated them. Later, they found a German book on gliders by Otto Lilienthal (the Flying Man). They studied pictures, made a glider and light engine, put it on the glider and flew it for over a mile. They'd become founders of the new art of aviation.

Interestingly, the link here is that Herbert's grandson (Simon) has worked alongside me on sales-marketing projects since 2009.



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