Gulfstream 600 or 650 - the $15m question

Volanteus CEO Mark Green was lucky enough to be invited to the very exclusive Gulfstream event at the recent NBAA in Orlando with canapes, free flowing bar and some seriously impressive aviation guests that one can only be in awe of for all their achievements.

Among the aircraft on display were their flagship aircraft; the Gulfstream 650 and her baby sister the Gulfstream 600. The two aircraft were typically stunning, both decorated with light and airy interiors along with the current trend of textured and breathable leather seating. In terms of "ramp presence" there is no particular visual difference and while the G600 is slightly smaller, both are equally as impressive as the other with their sleek lines, which make for a serious statement at any airport throughout the world.

With a new G600 starting at around £55m and the G650ER at a touch over $70m, what do you get for your extra $15m ?... a question many of us ask on a daily basis I am sure !

Well, while both aircraft have the definitive "wow factor" and both aircraft fly at Mach 0.925, which is about as close as you can get to the sound barrier in a civilian jet, the big sister boasts a massive 7500nm range, a full 1300nm further than the G600. Put into perspective, it means the Gulfstream 650 will manage London - Honolulu in around 13-14 hours, whereas the Gulfstream 600 will be stopping off enroute for a splash of fuel... although if you're lucky enough to be able to afford $70m, the choice between stopping or flying directly is a prerogative you've certainly earned.

The usable passenger cabin itself on the Gulfstream 600 is slightly slimmer, a touch lower in height and a little shorter in length over the Gulfstream 650 but if you're traveling with your beau and your family (even a sizable family) or indeed your close business colleagues, you'll not be short of room of board either aircraft. The amenities on board include a full gallery, two washrooms, Wi-Fi, beathable seating (up to nine) and an extremely clever use of the credenza in the centre of the cabin that incorporates the large television, which "flips' up gracefully and looks as much of a solid part of the cabin as the credenza itself, when folded away, you'd never know it was there.

All things considered, both aircraft are at the top of their game, hugely impressive both outside the cabin and in, I'd like to extend my personal thanks to those who invited me.


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