It's a well-known fact that the world of private aviation allows leisure users as well as business users to utilise their time more effectively, but by that very nature, the airports serving those major hubs for business and pleasure, are of course busy, especially when there is only one airport in the vicinity; whereas for example London, Paris, New York and Moscow are serviced by multiple airports, it's notable certain "single airport" cities do cause headaches to travellers and private operators alike; Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt and Hong Kong to name but a few. These cities are among the top cities for business so what can be done to negate the issues when slots are hard to come by and what is the better solution

Our recently experiences in Hong Kong have been stressful, albeit not unsurmountable, true that the airport this is one of the least private-jet friendly airports on the planet, mainly due the vast saturation of regular airlines using the airport as a hub for travellers to the city as well as connecting flights to and from Asia and Australasia. The lack of slots does have an impact on the desire for private jet clients to fly there, the private jet movements for Hong Kong has fallen by more than 25% in the past 12 months arguably due to the pre-warning that "slots are hard to get" coupled with increase of regular airline movements… Hong Kong will have a new runway by 2022, however in the meantime it is likely to cause even more disruption to the slot allocation as well as there being an ele​ment of time after while they're bedding in the new systems. 

The airport, like Geneva, operates with a slots system available online which operators and brokers continually refresh refresh refresh in the hope that a suitable slot becomes available, more likely though the clients will be flying from the, slightly less convenient, but certainly more user friendly airport of Macau. The town renowned for its many casinos and is called the "Vegas of China" certainly doesn't appear to gamble with their client's patience and in general, offers flexibility that its closely located neighbour doesn't. With increasing helicopter shuttles, trains, boats, a short hop across the water allows the client to take advantage of less restrictive slots and a more private jet user-friendly experience.


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